By Bizzlytic, They Are Reach Their Goals Of Brand Awareness As Well As Increased Sales

Bizzlytic help you to improve Their marketing strategy & Increase brand awareness in their local area



It was established in Dubai in 2019.. Users can search the menu and choose the meal they want from the platform. You can choose from rice, pasta, biriyani and many other options. These nutritious meals arrive in a chilled box and can be heated on the stovetop or microwave. The menu features rice, green beans, pasta, and many other options. has a mission: to revolutionize food science. Everything we do, from selecting the ingredients to our cooking methods to packaging, is focused on maximising nutrition to ensure children have a strong foundation.

Founders & Co-Founder

Oz Erbas Soydaner

Katerina Papatryfon

Key Objectives

  • Sprout ae was unable to bridge the gap between brand recognition and sales. The geographically-specific awareness of the brand was quite low and the two main identified goals for sprout ae were:

    1. Increase brand awareness in their local area

    2. All 16 Dubai locations will see an increase in sales

    • In collaboration with the staff, develop a local SEO strategy to reach their goals of brand awareness as well as increased sales.
    • Perform a content audit of the local restaurant listings and identify keywords that are relevant to these pages.
    • Register the brand in all Dubai-based online restaurant directories.
    • To track traffic and activity, link all brand location pages to Google Analytics
    • Over a period of 10 months, manage and optimize the campaign.

We are proud of our results

    • 1.088 customers shipped orders
    • The newsletter was subscribed by 1,514 users
    • 32100 people reached out to the business
    • Online directories received 3437 orders
    • Increase of 29% in unique site visitors

    The local SEO campaign at attracted more than 1 million unique visitors to their site, which is an impressive 28% increase in only 11 months.

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