Digital Marketing Company Faqs

Below are the digital Marketing Company FAQs that help clear the doubts about the topics and are the frequently asked questions in an interview. The below-mentioned FAQs help to give broader information about the issues related to digital marketing.

What are FAQs?

The term FAQ can be described in its entirety as “Frequently asked questions.” It’s the organized query form that an individual usually thinks of and gives clarity to comprehend the topic of information more precisely in a way that is appealing. It has numerous advantages, such as:

  • It gives an informational impression to another person.
  • Eliminate all doubts about the item for that the reader isn’t certain.
  • It cuts down the amount of time that searchers have to do more and more searches about a specific item.
  • If the user is pleased with the response the reader can continue to explore and other questions to clarify their doubts.
  • It is a great way to increase sales when FAQs are posted placed on an E-commerce website as well as a selling site for products.

FAQ’s about Bizzlytic Services

  • How many years has Bizzlytic been in operation?

    Our agency has been offering our digital marketing services with expertise since the year 2014. Now we’ve started as a new name

  • What kind of services does Bizzlytic provide?

    We’re a fully integrated digital marketing agency. Our offerings comprise SEO, PPC & Biddable Media, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy and Data & Analytics.
    We provide customizable digital marketing plans to meet all business needs. We can offer any of our offerings as a stand-alone solution such as PPC and Social Media. We also offer the option of a digitally integrated solution that incorporates all or some of our services that are used strategically to get the most effective results that are possible. Find out more about our digital marketing integrated service here.

  • Why should I use Bizzlytic in a time when my company can employ a digital marketing professional on-site?

    In contrast to an employee with an extensive knowledge of digital marketing, our team of digital experts are both qualified and experienced experts in their own particular field that is digital advertising.
    Our team members are experts in their respective fields in the areas of SEO, PPC & Biddable Media, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Data & Analytics. With the assistance of an expert agency we will ensure that all your digital channels are working to deliver more value for you. We see us as an extension of your team, providing capabilities that aren’t possible to replicate in-house.

  • Why should I pick Bizzlytic as an agency for digital marketing ?

    Since we started with a new name seven months ago, our team has made the decision to remain in our own track. Instead of overdoing our digital marketing services with other services like web development and design We’ve focused on expanding and improving it.
    We’re an expert in our field and always up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. We’re able to offer you an unbeatable digital marketing service that larger full-service firms can’t.

  • How long do I have to be committed for working with Bizzlytic ?

    We would like you to commit for a certain amount of time, in accordance with your project’s goals. This allows us to have enough time to gather information, analyze it and develop a plan that can begin to produce the results you’re looking for.
    Following that the contract is the rolling quarterly contract. We don’t want to lock customers into lengthy & yearly contracts. It is our goal to ensure that you remain with us as we’re giving for you and your business fantastic results. We’re extremely proud of our customer retention rate. We’ve actually been working with a few of our clients for years since our beginning in 2014.

  • Are there any hidden or additional costs to a digital marketing campaign?

    There aren’t any hidden costs associated with Bizzlytic . We include everything we do with a set monthly retainer. You’ll still need to pay for any biddable advertising expenditures like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or Facebook ads. This is added to our management fees.

  • Why are the rates provided by other agencies differ significantly?

    Prices offered by various agencies generally be based on the difference in the quality of service and expertise. For instance, a service that costs $150 USD when compared to one that is priced at more than $1,500 USD per month isn’t most likely to prove to be efficient or as comprehensive.
    When you get estimates from digital marketing agencies ensure that you know what deliverables they’ll provide in the cost they’ve provided. At Bizzlytic we’re always open and upfront about the results. We’ll provide within the time frame we’ve stated for. We’ve found that Digital Marketing requires a substantial amount of time in order to get the highest quality results. If we quote for lower than that, we’re sure that we’ll be unable to meet our goals in terms of performance.

  • Who will be handling my account?

    You’ll be assigned a team member to oversee your account. This person will be your primary, day-to-day contact. You will also get in touch directly with the top management who can collaborate with you to create your Digital Marketing Strategy out of the box so that you do not just blindly try to get more reach without any roadmaps.
    The project will be supervised by different specialists will be able to feed to your bank account and work on particular aspects of the project, like PPC, Social Media, or Content Marketing. We’re always transparent and open about who’s responsible for what and that’s why our experts are all Bizzlytic employees.

  • What is happening on my site and the reasons for it?

    Always. We are proud of our transparency , and we’ll spend the time to explain our work. perform, as well as the changes we make to your site we make, and the rationale for them.

  • Are all the tasks completed through members of the Bizzlytic team?

    Each service we offer is executed with the help of our Bizzlytic team. When required we can call on our network of trusted illustrators, graphic designers, web developers , and video producers to assist with projects that will improve your digital marketing efforts.

  • My company is located in another country , Bizzlytic is located in india. Is this a problem?

    The location of your business does not have any bearing on our work. We actually have clients throughout the globe.
    In terms of communication, we try to visit our clients in the local area regularly for face-to-face meetings however, we do schedule regular phone calls for clients that are farther from us. Additionally we’ll visit your clients on a bi-annual basis or for quarterly virtual and face-to face meetings.

  • What will Bizzlytic be able to comprehend my company’s needs?

    Being able to fully understand your business is something that we consider very important at Bizzlytic . We invest a significant amount of time to get to know your company and you to develop the most efficient digital marketing strategy that is possible.
    We accomplish this by speaking to your team and you at the kick-off meeting of your project. The goal of this meeting is to gather as much information about your business as we can by asking you questions about the services you offer.
    In addition we also conduct an extensive amount of research on your sector, and then look at external and internal information. We listen to your customers via social networks to get a sense of what they want from your business. And then we conduct a thorough study of your competition and their online activities.
    All of this allows us to get the most accurate understanding of your company and the field in which you operate. If you’re an outside country client you can also take a few hours each month to work remotely from your office. This lets us understand the work you do for your company.

  • What is to be delivered and what time?

    Once you begin together with us, we’ll set up an initial meeting with you and your team. This is an opportunity for us to have the chance to gather all the necessary information to develop our first 6 month digital marketing plan.
    This plan will detail what and when we’ll be able to accomplish. It’s a detailed strategy that defines what parts of the project will be completed over the course of time and when you’ll see these deliverables. We update and revise this plan every 6 months (or less) so that you’re always aware of the dates you’ll receive our deliverables.

  • How do Bizzlytic create content for websites without knowing my company or my field?

    Our team of content marketing comprises expert content writers who spend time to learn about your business as well as your industry, the target audience and the goals of your content.
    When we write content, we conduct deep research using a variety of premium tools like Answer the Public, Ahrefs, Google Trends, SEMRush and Buzzsumo. We also solicit direct feedback from you to ensure that we’re following the correct directions.
    A lot of times, content designed to be used for marketing (rather than your primary webpages) works best when it is written in a clear, “non industry” tone free of the use of jargon. We’ll be able to show examples of material we’ve written for some of our current clients.

  • What is the time frame for me to start realizing results after using Bizzlytic ?

    This is contingent upon the platforms you choose to use and your competitors as well as your budget and condition of your website prior to when we can begin working with you.
    As generally you should begin to observe an increase in web visibility and improvement in your primary measures and goals within the initial three months. The reason for this is that the initial three months are about creating a digital strategy and setting the foundation for a long-term successful project.
    Projects that make use of PPC as well as Biddable Media tend to see improvements much quicker because qualified traffic to websites begins to arrive immediately.

  • How often will the results be published?

    We offer custom monthly reports and dashboards that contain all the metrics crucial to you. Our Account Managers will be reviewing the reports, explaining the information and performance metrics along with the projects we’ve done. We might request additional details to make sure we are tracking the larger effects that the initiative has. Most of the time, the data we offer is just a small part of the way our project will benefit your company and, by combining yours with ours will allow us to prove the actual impact our work is producing.

  • What’s Bizzlytic ‘s brand new client onboarding procedure?

    Step1. We make an initial call to determine your needs and discuss how we can assist.
    Step 2. Our top management which includes our CEO, CTO and MD will set up a face-to face meeting (video conference, phone call) or face-to-face meeting (depending on the location) to further discuss the possibility of working with each other.
    Step 3. We present the proposal, instances of work done in the past along with a project outline and deliverables that include the costs.
    Step 4. You choose whether you’d like to proceed.
    Step 5. The 5th step is to draft the contracts that are executed by both parties.
    Step 6: Project kick-off meeting

  • Some Extra Question about Digital Marketing

  • What is the best amount to spend on PPC

    We suggest that you have a minimum budget for your monthly expenses of $500 however this may be different as certain sectors have more competition than other, which can lead to higher average prices per click.

  • What is an Bizzlytic digital marketing agency?

    Bizzlytic, a PPC agency that specializes in pay-per-click marketing , or provides it as a primary service. We manage your paid campaign to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals, and also provide an effective return on your advertising budget.

  • How long will SEO begin to work?

    Search engine optimization is an investment that will last for a long time, and the time needed to see results will vary heavily on the effort required and the competition in your business. We always strive at quick wins on behalf of our clients anticipate waiting at minimum 3-6 months before you notice any noticeable positive results from your campaign, in the event that your site is relatively established.

  • What can a Bizzlytic as an SEO company do?

    Bizzlytic is an SEO agency specializes in promoting and marketing companies in natural (free) outcomes of the search engines like Google or Bing. Based on your needs and goals, we will develop a plan to achieve these goals by enhancing your site so that it can be found by search terms that are relevant to your company.

  • What is the meaning of social media marketing?

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a broad term used to describe the process of promoting your company using any of the multitude of websites that permit users to share and create content as well as participate in discussions in private and public communities. There are many social media platforms to pick from including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • What is Bizzlytic as an agency for social media marketing do?

    Bizzlytic, A professional agency for social media marketing can develop a cohesive social media plan and efficiently manage and manage all your social media platforms engaging with your brand and developing networks on social media to create an active and powerful community for you.

  • How long will a brand new website take to create and design?

    Generally speaking, and contingent on the technical specifications your website will be up and running within 6-8 weeks following receipt of an order for purchase signed by the buyer and payment, assuming that all required content and details are provided.

  • Can you modify the content of my website?

    It’s true that the majority of them. Every site Cariad Marketing creates comes with CMS (content management system). This means you are able to edit the content on pages at any time you wish and alter things such as special offers, images and prices. You will receive full instruction on how to use the basic CMS (content managing system) and this is all included in the package for your website.

  • What are the advantages from Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing lets you connect with your audience in ways traditional methods of marketing can’t. Depending on the channel you use to reach your customers precisely throughout the buying process, contacting them with relevant messages and content. Digital marketing can also be measured, which means you can assess precisely which marketing initiatives are having the greatest impact.

  • What is the different in SEO, PPC and SMM?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) concentrates on promotion of a website’s website within organic (free) results of a search, in order to increase its visibility in search results for words and phrases that the users utilize.

    The Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing provides advertisements to these same users that are based on demographics, keywords or any other criteria – however, it is an auction-based method which charges the advertiser per click for their ad.

    PPC advertising is accessible on a wide range of internet platforms which include search engines like Google and Bing and social media platforms such as Facebook as well as Linkedin.

    SMM (social media marketing) is the method of increasing brand recognition and engagement across various social media platforms. You develop your own brand identity and advertise your products or services on every platform.

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