What is the different in SEO, PPC and SMM?

Search engine optimization (SEO) concentrates on promotion of a website’s website within organic (free) results of a search, in order to increase its visibility in search results for words and phrases that the users utilize.

The Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing provides advertisements to these same users that are based on demographics, keywords or any other criteria – however, it is an auction-based method which charges the advertiser per click for their ad.

PPC advertising is accessible on a wide range of internet platforms which include search engines like Google and Bing and social media platforms such as Facebook as well as Linkedin.

SMM (social media marketing) is the method of increasing brand recognition and engagement across various social media platforms. You develop your own brand identity and advertise your products or services on every platform.

Can you modify the content of my website?

It’s true that the majority of them. Every site Cariad Marketing creates comes with CMS (content management system). This means you are able to edit the content on pages at any time you wish and alter things such as special offers, images and prices. You will receive full instruction on how to use the basic CMS (content managing system) and this is all included in the package for your website.

How long will SEO begin to work?

Search engine optimization is an investment that will last for a long time, and the time needed to see results will vary heavily on the effort required and the competition in your business. We always strive at quick wins on behalf of our clients anticipate waiting at minimum 3-6 months before you notice any noticeable positive results from your campaign, in the event that your site is relatively established.