Case Study  :    Printo


Printo : A retail chain that provides print and document services under one roof. Our goal is to make printing easy and stress-free for both individuals and businesses. They can help you create business cards, letterheads and marketing brochures. You can even choose from a variety of templates to create invitation cards, personalized gifts, and print photos at a cost-effective price.

Printo was Bombay’s motley crew founded the company. A life science graduate, & software engineer but knew very little about software and print.

Key Objectives

  • All India locations to increase sales
  • Targeting large audiences to increase their reach is a great way to get your first print item in homes, offices, cars or on the road.
  • Increase website traffic & Brand Awareness


  • To gain initial leads and increase brand awareness, we created and executed generic brand search and marketing campaigns.
  • We created and executed competitive targeting campaigns, financial years-end and fund-raising campaigns to lower CPL, which contributed to increasing lead flow.
  • To decrease the CPC (cost-per-click) and increase CTR (click through rate), we performed a/b testing on Google Ads campaigns.
  • To increase brand awareness, we used influencer marketing and link building strategies.
  •  At Bizzlytic To learn more about the SEO recommendations, we conducted a thorough audit based upon competitor analysis and search trends.


  • Increase in lead volume 402 %
  • Revenues increased by more than 350%
  • The number of clicks increased by 209%
  • CTR rose by 52%
  • 1188 customers placed orders in-online store
  • Increase of 38% in unique site visitors